Raising money for AUH Cardiac Unit.

24 Hour Roller Skiing Aarhus Denmark 2022 – exact TBC once lockdowns & restrictions are lifted.

About 24e

Friends, I’m Jordy, Englishman living in Switzerland. On the 6th October 2020 my daughter Jas (studying Hindi at Aarhus University) suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, followed by a lengthy stay at AUH (Aarhus University Hospital). This experience inspired the 24 Elephants (24e) fundraising event for the AUH Cardiac Unit. 100% of all money raised is donated directly to AUH.

Who are we

Jas Inline skating Zurich 2008
Jas – Israel 2017
Jordy (Dad) – Malaysia 2019 – loves seafood.

About AUH

Aarhus University Hospital is a teaching hospital with 41 clinical departments and employs 9,699 people. AUH develops and provides highly specialised treatment, research and education at international level. I have been liaising with AUH to organise the 24e project.

Credit & Copyright: Tonny Foghmar

The Plan Aarhus 24-25.Sept.2021 rescheduled to 2022 due to travel restrictions & lockdowns. New date TBA.

Roller Ski for 24 Hours and try to achieve a distance of at least 400km (248.5 Miles). As the crow flies it’s almost the km’s between Cairo and Jerusalem (422km)

Prior, I will be in Aarhus city handing out the 24e leaflet, talking to people about AUH and why I’m fundraising.

What is Roller Skiing?

Roller Skiing is the summer version and used for training for winter cross country skiing or as its own sport, similar to inline skating but using poles and a shorter 70cm ‘roller’ ski.

How can you help?

Every contribution will make a difference, even €1 or as much as €250, more if you wish. When you donate you can dedicate to someone, just let me know.

Initial goal is €1000

16.01.2021 Raised so far: €1003.87 (TxWise €613.87 Cash €390)

Due to the issues of lockdowns and restrictions I have to reschedule this event to 2022 and have put on hold accepting donations, new date will be announced as soon as possible and fundraising will continue, thanks.

Get something back

Every contributor will receive a personal email/whatsapp thank-you, video message, shoutout dedication and images.

Donations over €250 will receive a postal gift and additional perks:

How to Donate

Fundraiser platforms charge between 2-4%, this is too expensive, so the best option is to use the 24e borderless account with Transferwise, this way I can guarantee your donation is 100% to AUH, also meaning less charges and less fees to you.

If you cannot afford to donate don’t worry! you can still support me by sharing this page with your friends, family, co-workers and join me on social media. Share buttons are at the bottom of this page.

Receive updates

During the Roller Ski I will use online trackers, GPS track recorders, pace-cyclist, live streaming and photo on social media.

Contact & Social media

Feel free to email me with any questions on 24ehello@gmail.com
or whatsapp on +41 79 156 08 30

Thank-you for your support!

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